About Georgie/Kendra


 Hello Gorgeous! My name is George AKA Kendra; I'm the CEO and owner of Georgie's Brushes Cosmetics. I'm 23 years old Latin entrepreneur that started with a dream of being a makeup artist a few years ago. I have a huge passion and love for makeup; I started getting into makeup once I began doing makeup applications on clients and quickly fell in love with all the possibilities and different types of beauty in this world, I knew there was no limits on creativity. 

When the opportunity of creating my own make up line was brought up to me I was extremely happy to dive deeper into the makeup world and also have the opportunity to offer people great products at a affordable price. I'm so proud of what I've been able to create so far and I hope you guys love it too. I continue to work hard to deliver the best experience and products for my customers. Thank you for visiting our site and support my small business


From the bottom of my heart